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Injury Recovery

Many Doctors and Physiotherapists recommend pilates as a great way of strengthening and rebalancing the body. Pilates can eccelerate injury recovery times and can provide a great method of preventing injury relapse or reoccurrance. By distributing the force of movement throughout the body, therefore taking the stress away from the injured area and in particular strengthening the core muscles pilates can completely change the way you move and think about moving.

During injury recovery pilates can be practiced in a one to one session with a personal programme designed for your needs. Exercises are performed on the studio equipment in a very safe and supported environment. It is even safe for people who find it difficult to get up and down from the floor as the equipment surfaces are raised for ease of movement. We can also tailor make a home practice programme to speed up your recovery in between sessions and add to it as you progress.

injuryWith your consent, I am more than happy to contact your physiotherapist,GP or osteopath and work hand in hand with them towards your recovery, focusing on things that they particularly want you to work on. Alternatively if you do not feel this is necessary we are very happy and experienced in devising a plan independantly during your initial  assesement.

Many people who have followed an injury recovery programme then go on to join my weekly group pilates sessions to maintain all they have acheived and remain pain free

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